Our priorities

Responsibility and professionalism. Experience and a high level of staff qualification contributes to achieving our main goal: available network in every home and office in Cyprus.

The company “DragonNet” was founded in 2013 in Cyprus, but in spite of that, we already have many years of experience in the telecommunications market in Russia. Constantly improving the quality of Internet access, increasing channel capacity, server performance and other technological equipment.

The company’s management originally made a bet on highly qualified specialists in the design, construction and operation of local networks. Our experts in the field of information technology is characterized by a deep knowledge of modern methods of data transfer.

We believe that the quality of service is the most important clause for the success of the company. Today, we are trusted by reputable organizations and individuals, we are recommended to friends and families.

Our services

We provide to our clients with access to the global network. Connecting to the Internet is performed by using the most advanced equipment and technologies, previously unavailable in Cyprus.

We appreciate the time of our customers: within 2 days after the registration of the application, you will be connected to the Internet. But the connection is just a part of the job internet service provider. Our responsibility is to ensure uninterrupted communication, minimizing unexpected events and instant reaction to force majeure. The best indicator of the good running of the operator is if his work is invisible. Customers often forget about our existence right after the connection.

The company’s specialists have developed an individual computer network construction program of Cyprus, which considers the climatic characteristics and other causes, as well as peak load in the high tourist season on the island.

Our advantages

Enhanced network reliability, optimum data transfer rates and competitive prices is advantage which characterize the company and a unique advanced technology, first brought to Cyprus, allows first residents of Limassol and then across the country to assess the new service, which was previously unavailable. Marketers of the company conducted a number of analytical studies and identified the needs of different segments of Internet users. Based on these results, we have developed a flexible pricing system, which will allow each customer to choose the best data plan.

You will be delighted and surprised by the variety of internal network resources. We quickly respond to customer orders, and it is easy to reach us by the phone .
It remains to add that we have all the necessary licenses and permits to provide access service to the global network in Cyprus.