Before the Internet connection

  1. Our company needs to receive your exact address
  2. We will need to get the access to your roof if we have to install full equipment.
  3. Customer is responsible for providing the equipment.

We guarantee you the fine speed in the case of a direct connection cable (LAN). If you prefer using Wi-Fi, your speed is reduced depending of your devices and / or the distance from the router.
DragonNet provides you home internet connection.

The cost of connection includes the installation of our antenna on your roof, cabling and installation of Wi-Fi router. In addition, on the day of your connection, you will pay for the first month of our services, depending of the chosen tariff.

The minimum term of the contract of our services is 2 months.

Terms and Conditions

How to use the services


IMPORTANT! Because of possible interruptions in the power supply network of the city , the problems with internet connection may occur.

forbidden: to transfer, to disassemble, to damage or misuse our equipment.

If you do not contact us when you have problems with the Internet, it will cause a delay in getting it fixed.

The refusal or removal

The information in case of your relocation:

  • In the case of your moving to a new residence, please inform us in advance.
  • Our technician will perform all the necessary  work.
  • Do not attempt to disable or personally transport our equipment.


  • In a case if you decided to disable your internet connection, you should warn us  in advance.
  • All the services must be paid before the day of disconnection.
  • The disconnection can only be done by our employee.
  • If the disconection happened in case of your moving, please provide us with the contact details of the owner or new tenants.

If you don’t pay

The company DragonNet has the right to disconnect the customer in case of nonpayment for our services every month, after the 10th day of the month.
To activate your account you will have to pay the full payment for the current month, as well as a penalty for reconnection in the amount of 3 €.

We recommend:

If you can not pay for the services for any reason, we strongly recommend you to contact us. We will try to find a compromise, under any circumstances.


The temporarily blocking access to the Internet service is meant for a temporary suspension of Internet access services. The minimum term for the blocking account is 1 month . This service is completely free.

Important: we block your account only after your application. You can call us, write an SMS or send an e-mail.

Tariff changing.

In case of the tariff reduction , you may be charged one time fee of 10 euros. The speed increase up to 10 MB is free of charge. In the transition to high speed internet access rates of 16-50 MB there can be an extra charge for reconnection to the more powerful equipment. It could be from 50 euros.