What is the Internet in Cyprus?

Many people are often interested in the question whether there is a normal Internet in Cyprus at all.
This problem worries not only tourists, but also resident islanders. Often, the Internet in Cyprus is so slow that users can not even upload a short video on Youtube. We ourselves have experienced this, and we realized that we must change something. And you can change the situation only on your own.
Today we are the company that perfectly knows the needs of the Internet users of Cyprus, and we are ready to provide a stable high-speed Internet connection in Cyprus to all comers!
Now, thanks to the professional work of Dragonnet, you can enjoy watching your favorite online channels, playing modern games on the network, or using resource-intensive interactive applications.
If you want to use the Internet in Cyprus for a long time, then you should pay attention to such important aspects as the company’s readiness to ensure uninterrupted operation and the ability to provide maximum speed.
To date, Dragonnet offers you to connect to the modern high-tech Internet connection Gpon and enjoy the incredible opportunities that are opening now in front of you!
We offer fast and stable internet in Cyprus!
You can connect today, by calling 357 +357 25041050 and high-speed home Internet in Cyprus will delight you with incredible opportunities.


A short form for an fiber optical (Gpon) internet connection


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