• Banner – from 30-60€
  • Page from 50 — 150€
  • Site from 450€


Kinds of sites:

  • Online business card

    It allows users to receive brief information about the company, its activities and contacts. It contains several static pages.

  • Corporate website.

    Electronic representation of the company on the Internet. It allows users to receive all necessary information about the company and its website. May contain catalogs of goods and services, ways of communication with the company representatives and other features.

  • Corporate Website + Online store.

    You can not only provide users with all the necessary information about the company, but also to sell products. The main purpose of this site is information.

  • Online store.

    Online store is a showcase of your products. Particular attention is paid to the beautiful colorful pictures and descriptions of goods. This site allows you to sell products and services via the Internet. The main purpose of an online store is selling, delivery and receipt of the full report.

  • Promo site.

    The site with the image-building, memorable design, which aims to attract users to a particular product or service. It is used as an effective advertising campaign.