Discount 10% for any type of work!

Baltic auto service invites to use its services and gives a 10% discount to every client of Dragonnet for any type of work!



Wi-Fi on the beach!

Instructions for using a free WiFi network
1. Connect the device to the WiFi network “DragonNET-BeachWi-Fi”
2. Click on the “Authorize in the network” pop-up window or open the site dragonfree.com.cy
3. On the page, find the button “Connect to the internet” to go to the connection page
4. To receive free Internet access, click on “Free Connect”
5. With a free connection, access is granted for 20 minutes.
There are 5 minutes of standby time between connections.
6. Connection speed 2mbps / 2 mbps


Plug the internet with 70% discount

The offer is valid until end of may


Dear Clients!

We would like to inform you, that due to the storm the 2 underwater trunk cables that connect Cyprus to the mainland were seriously damaged. Because of that the majority of cipriot providers have now problems with the Internet access granting. Some of them can not grant it at all. This situation will be improved by the end of the week. The full recovery is expected over a month. Our management and the rest of our team are doing their best in finding solution to eliminate the problem ASAP.
Best regards, DragonNet Team.



NEW SPEEDS of internet connection :
SmartHome 200Mbps/200Mbps
SmartHome 300Mbps/300Mbps

The world of technology is changing, updating, and getting better!
Dragonnet is also moving towards the perfection.
It’s time to choose the future!
We provide complitely new, revolutionary speeds of internet connections, to open you incredible opportunities for using the Internet!
More information you can find on our homepage, https://dragonnet.eu/en/gpon-connect/, or by phone +357 95173843, 351 96244081