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10.09.2021 0

New equipment in Cyprus. SNR-EDGE

Dear subscribers!

Dragonnet company is pleased to present you a new generation of equipment, the SNR-EDGE router!

A powerful filling, an advanced operating system, support for modern standards and radio signal control technologies is now available to our customers!

Our equipment supports the technology (Bandsteering), which helps to choose which band the router will use: 2.4 or 5 GHz. Switching from frequency to frequency allows you to significantly increase the data transfer rate. BeamForming technology allows you to transmit a signal in the direction of a wireless device, which significantly increases the coverage area and speed of the wireless network.

Connect the router at home or in the office, and be sure of a stable and fast Internet connection!

The installation is performed by our certified specialist when submitting an application for connection! Professional installation of engineers will ensure high-quality connection and optimal speed.

The router can be purchased separately, the cost is 60 Euro!

Kind regards,