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26.08.2021 0

The “Disconnection” of Internet service. Terms and Conditions.

Dear subscribers,

In order to provide internet services to a client, the company installs the telecommunication equipment (antenna & router) at the client’s place. The equipment is provided free of charge for the period of service provision. 

Upon the disconnection, the company makes the deinstallation of the equipment provided.

If you wish to stop your cooperation with the company, you need to make a call at 250 50 300 or send us an email 3 days prior to the day of disconnection. The operator will assign a technician to your place to collect the equipment.

We also would like to  inform you that the company can terminate the contract independently for next reasons:

  1.  The account has not been in use for more than 1 month. 
  2.  The voluntary block service was not prolonged and the account has not been in use for a period of 1 month after the voluntary block period ends. 
  3. By the request of the competent authorities.

Attention: if you leave the country, but you will return after a certain time, do not forget to use the “Voluntary blocking” service. 

If the services are disconnected, the client must return the company’s equipment or reimburse the full cost of the equipment specified in the act of acceptance. 

The refusal to return the equipment is considered by the company as the act of theft which is reported to the local authorities.

Kind regards,