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22.09.2021 0

The “Public IP” service

Dear customers, Dragonnet company offers you the service “Public IP”

What is the IP needed for?

Each device in the network has its own unique address. It is needed so that the network devices understand where to send the request and response. This is just like how our houses and apartments have their own exact address (postal code, city, street, house number, apartment number).

There are IP addresses such us:

  • Gray. These are private internal addresses, they are not routed on the Internet and traffic cannot be sent to them, they work only within the local network.
  • White is the address that is visible on the Internet. Public (global) IP addresses are routed, unlike private addresses. Having a public IP address on your router or computer will allow you to organize your own server, remote access to your computer, video surveillance cameras, and access them from anywhere on the global network.

Below you can find the terms and conditions of the service: 

The connection fee of the service is 5 Euro

Monthly subscription fee is 5 Euro in addition to your tariff plan

You can order the service by calling us 25050300

We have telegram:

Kind regards,