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17.08.2021 01

Welcome to the DragonNet team!

Thank you for choosing us!

It is very easy to become our customer –  just apply for a new connection, and we will install a fast Internet connection at your home  in a couple of days.

Ways to apply for a new connection:

  1. Our  website;
  2. Phone:  25050300;
  3. Email. Please send us the exact location.

Once the application is submitted it takes a while to process it, in order to check the availability of the signal in the destined area. Then, the operator will contact you to arrange a date for the installation.

On the day appointed, the engineer will visit your house to install the equipment needed and connect you to the network. The installation usually takes 1,5 hours to be completed.
Kindly be informed, that in case you are living at the residential complex, make sure there is access to the roof for the antenna placement. 

How to pay for the installation.

The installation fee can be paid in cash to the technician upon his visit. 
Then you can pay for services online (JCC-smart, personal account), by bank transfer or in one of our offices.

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