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23.03.2021 0

What is Chat-Bot?

Chat-Bot is a digital assistance, which purpose is to interpret and process the customer’s request once the issue with the Internet connection occurs. The program asks a client a number of  questions needed for the collection of the accurate information on the problem and then transmit this information to the technical department. 

Our Chat-Bot communicates in three languages: Russian, English and Greek.

Once you start a dialog with the bot, it will ask you to enter the number of the contract or a phone number the contract is registered with, in order to identify you. Then, you will be asked to describe the problem occurred. Please try to provide as more information as possible, to make the further diagnostics more effective. 

After the completion of the diagnostics, Chat-Bot will get back to you with  information about your internet connection. 

The benefits of using Chat-Bot: 

  1. Prompt reply to your query;
  2. Time saving: no need to wait in a queue;
  3. Available 24/7;
  4. Fulfil clearly defined tasks;
  5. Based in the most popular messenger – DRAGONNET_CHATBOT. 

To sum up, the Chat-Bot is an effective tool for the integration between the client and the technical support.
It does not fix the internet connection issues, however it helps the client to have it fixed asap.  

Haven’t tried our Chat-Bot yet? Give it a try right now! 

Kind regards,

Dragonnet Team