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30.08.2016 0

What is GPON technology?

GPON technology doesn’t require any power supply!

Huge streams of multimedia information, interactive applications, more demanding  games,  online projects and various gadgets  requiring Internet connection made network equipment developers look for a completely new approach that allows greatly increase the speed of data transmission. The latest fiber optic technology GPON (gigabit passive optical network) is essentially a fiber optic cable hooked up directly to your home, without any intermediate equipment. Therefore, the client receives the highest speed and the ability to obtain multiple services simultaneously without loss of quality.

The main advantages of GPON technology

Of course, the main advantages of GPON technology are the speed, quality and continuity of the Internet. Without intermediate equipment (e.g. switches installed in attics) you will be able to continue receiving Internet services, even during a power failure (of course, if your device allows you to keep charging for a long time). The optical cable does not have any electricity, so it’s resistant to moisture, and you can avoid getting an electric shock.

Disadvantages GPON

As to the shortcomings of GPON, of course, we can mention that the cable fails in case of any bends. Therefore we recommend to avoid its installation under the baseboards. And of course, please, protect it from pets and  children because restoration of damaged wires  is a costly and time-consuming process.

Should I choose GPON service?

If you spend a lot of time using the Internet, if you like to watch movies, play online games, if your sort of activity requires the files exchanging, and if you want internet connection along with a digital TV,  you can be sure the modern, high-speed fiber optic internet connection GPON will be the most suitable option for you.