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21.05.2018 0

Wi-Fi on the beach!

Instructions for using a free WiFi network
1. Connect the device to the WiFi network “DragonNET-BeachWi-Fi”
2. Click on the “Authorize in the network” pop-up window or open the site
3. On the page, find the button “Connect to the internet” to go to the connection page
4. To receive free Internet access, click on “Free Connect”
5. With a free connection, access is granted for 20 minutes.
There are 5 minutes of standby time between connections.
6. Connection speed 2mbps/ 2mbps

In case you need a higher internet connection speed ( Up to 10 mbp/s)
Or you need a stable connection with out interruptions, you can purchase DragonNet abonnement card in one of the options.
1) 1 device for 3 day- 10 euro
2) 1 device for 7 days – 15 euro
3) 2 devices for 14 days – 20 euro
4) 3 devices for 30 days – 30 euro
Abonnement cards you can purchase in water sport shops, or at the sun bed rents.